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Without rich support from our common hardware vendors IPv6 deployment will never become a reality. While core network equipment and Operating Systems are finally showing mature IPv6 implementations what good does that do us if our Printers, LAN switches, Battery Backup Systems, etc. don't support IPv6. All hardware and vendors which need to be IPv6 capable should to be listed on this page so that if their implementations are lacking, market pressure can be put forth by the customers of their product.

Operating Systems

A very complete page on configuring IPv6 on a multitude of operating systems can be found here

Routing and Switching

  • Adtran - Development rumored to begin in Q109 with code shipping by Q409

  • Alcatel-Lucent - In SR OS 10.0 & 11.0 they made a lot of IPoE access model BNG improvements such chained relay of LDRA DHCPv6 packets and link based dynamic pool selection.

  • Cisco - Increasing support in IOS 12.4T. Limitations such as BVI support exist. Cisco also has a documented list of specific IPv6 features for each IOS release.

Network Infrastructure


  • Sonus Networks - No current support. Vendor hinted at 2009 but no definite roadmap.

DSL and Cable Modems

Also see the Broadband CPE page for more supported devices.

External Lists of IPv6-Supporting Devices

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